Is A Basketball Hoop Really Worth Buying?

Published by on July 5, 2019
Categories: Outdoor Sports

Is it really worth buying a basketball hoop for your home if there is a public basketball court nearby and other homes already have them? You may not see the need, but there are a few reasons why you might want to reconsider.

The Home Court Advantage – Not What You Think

Everyone talks about getting the home court advantage because you can play better when you know how the ball bounces on the driveway, the best angles, and you are comfortable. This is not the home court advantage we are talking about, but some review site like do.

The real home court advantage is your comfort level as parents. You know where your kids are. They are not two blocks away at a public playground where events are out of your control. They are close to home and safe. There is another home-court advantage, too.

A basketball hoop in your driveway gives your kids the opportunity to meet other neighborhood children. You will quickly notice once the sound of a basketball bouncing on the driveway begins, bicycles roll by, kids go out for a walk, and they all stare at your hoop. They are ready to join in the game and are aching for an invitation. It is a great way for your kids to meet new friends and to have fun in a safe place.

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Instant Exercise

Do you ever get frustrated with your kids sitting around the house playing on a tablet, phone, or game deck? You can get them out of their chairs and outdoors getting some exercise in an instant if you challenge them to a game of horse or a basketball game. It takes just a few minutes to turn their couch potato mode into a frenzied game of fun basketball in the yard.

The exercise is not only for your children. Adding a hoop to your yard can be great for you, too. Grab the basketball and start doing layups for 20 minutes. It is almost as effective as jogging and is a lot more fun.

The Hoops Worry

Are you worried about adding a basketball hoop mounted to your home? That is a very normal worry and one you shouldn’t ignore. You may prefer choosing a basketball goal which is mounted on a pole erected beside your driveway. If you prefer something less permanent, you can buy one of the roll-away portable basketball goals for your home. They are inexpensive, easy to set up, and can be moved into the backyard for safekeeping.

Adding a basketball hoop to your home does not require modifying your home if you choose the right option.

No Insurance Worries With A Hoop

Have you ever thought about adding a swimming pool or trampoline to your yard? Your homeowner’s insurance will want to know. Most policies go up in cost when you add a trampoline or pool. They are considered a greater liability risk.

A basketball hoop can provide fun for everyone in your home without higher insurance costs for your home and at a far lower price to have one installed.

There are many reasons for adding a basketball hoop at your home makes sense, but we never mentioned the most important one. Your kids are going to love it. You will see smiles of joy every time your kids make a shot or win a game on their home court.